Anti-Ragging Initiatives

Dear Budding Engineers,

We are addressing you to make an earnest appeal against ragging at MIT Bulandshahr. Ragging is a social malaise and we have to abolish it, since it has no place in a civilised society. Honorable Supreme Court of India, in its order has made it mandatory for all educational institutions to report ragging incidents to the local police and has stipulated that exemplary punishments be given to those indulged in this heinous activity.

MIT, Bulandshahr is an upcoming institute and we all bear the responsibility to uphold its image, any anti-social activity or ragging has no place in this institute. Hence all students are advised not to indulge in ragging and also to discourage other students from indulging in any such activity. All students are expected to behave as responsible citizens and be accountable for their actions. All senior students must realise that they have some moral duties towards this institute and must come forward to help in establishing a ragging free and congenial environment for the newcomers. Students may feel free to contact the Registrar of the institute / HODs of the concerned department for more details.

Always introspect yourselves that the Engineers are builders of Nation; that is how one should follow the footsteps of Engineering Profession.

- Director

Video Links of Anti-Ragging Campaign
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