Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

The Basic Sciences and Humanities Department is the department that servses the students of all semesters in B.TECH currriculum.The department has Physics Lab,Chemistry Lab,Communication Lab that equipped with MTU currriculum.


The department is proud of its laboratories. They are spacious, well laid out and have all experiment set ups for B.Tech students. The department has three well equipped labs:


  • Now, English language has become a symbol of status for people. If learner wishes to brighten his/her career, he has to give the importance of English language. For this, it is required to learner to have good command over language. The process and method of learning language should help the learners to acquire fluency as well as proficiency.
  • Apart from the tradition skills like LSRW, the modern language lab is ideal communication tool to communicate practically. This is useful English language learners because it focuses on Accent, Rhythm & Intonation. It provides learners to get the best samples of pronunciation with Stress, Rhythm & Intonation.
  • Language lab plays an important role in the language learning process because they provide advance facilities that can help the learner to learn the language with proficiency.
  • Those who belong to rural background, have less exposure to learn effectively. They face great difficulty to listen and understand the voice of Received Pronunciation of the native speakers. It occurs because of wide differences in Accent, phonological, morphological and semantic nuances.
  • This software will stimulate the eyes and ears of learners to acquire the language quickly and easily. It forces to learner to acquire the language with all involving senses. That's why learner can gain the experience of interacting with Received Pronunciation.
  • Language lab is become the training of communication skills to advance learners.
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