Teacher's Role in the Progressive Development of the Nation

Prof. Jagdish Godihal
Director, MIT Bulandshahr

"In spite of flood, drought, drinking water scarcity, poverty and societal instability in few places, everywhere I could see the unabated enthusiasm of the young for learning. Learning should bring out the spirit of creativity in the young minds. Creativity gives knowledge. Knowledge is indeed an asset for the nation." Quote Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India.

This spirit of creativity in young minds will be imbibed only by the knowledgeable and effective teacher. Hence the active involvement of a teacher in general and technical teacher in particular is the need of the hour in transforming the status of the nation. Good teachers are essential for the effective functioning of education systems and for improving the quality of learning processes.

Learning is not an impersonal process but occurs largely through regular, direct interactions between learners and their teachers as well as by means of teachers facilitating learning among learners.

Good teachers guide learners in the process of understanding the enormous amount of accumulated knowledge available today, using it constructively, and communicating it effectively. These are serious responsibilities which can only be fulfilled by dedicated professionals who have received specialised training.

Teachers, too, must play a fundamental role in adapting the newer technologies to the learning process. Teachers are important agents in using technology to overcome the digital divide and its negative effect on development and to enhance their wards prospects for decent assignments in the future.

On the eve of birth anniversary of former president of India Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan which is celebrated as teacher's day on 5th September. On this occasion I would like to share few thoughts about Respected Teachers:

  • Teacher's, you are highly Thoughtful, Thinker always striving hard to inculcate the good values and virtues in each and every ward.
  • You being Epitome of knowledge, enthusiastic, inspire and ignite young minds to realise their potential to understand and innovate the new technology.
  • You are blessed with the Attitude to think and grow with the progress of each student.
  • Your Courageous step towards discipline helps students to complete the assignments in time.
  • The Humbleness and helpful attitude of yours deserves applaud from the student community.
  • The Encouragement the students receive from you, time and again for the positives and corrective measures for the negatives helps them to become complete rounded personality.
  • You being the Resourceful person, sharing with the students make them tough, disciplined and capable of venturing in all walks of life.

TEACHER hats of to you, you are Thoughtful, Epitome of knowledge, Affable, Courageous, Humble, Energetic and Resourceful person. Shaping millions of young minds and contributing immensely in the development of nation

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