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Thu 23rd Jan 2020
Even Semester Registration are starting from 27/01/2020 and classes will start from 30/01/2020.
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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Ever increasing pace of development in electronics, audio and video communications systems and the automation in industry have made an electronic engineer a catalyst for the change of the modern society. Electronics gadgets and communication systems of present age have tremendously improved the quality of life. With the throughout the world, it has become essential to have more efficient communication network with the latest electronic devices and circuits.

Besides giving a thorough grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects, the curriculum in electronics and communication engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge of Electronic Devices & Circuits, Computer Architecture & Microprocessors, VLSI & Embedded Systems, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Analog and Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave & Broadband Communications, Image Processing, Computer vision, Bio-Medical Signal Processing and Optical Communication.

The main aim of the Electronics and communication Engineering program is to develop enterprising professionals who have an innovative disposition, the confidence and abilities to assume leadership roles in technology, business and the community.


The Department is equipped with well developed laboratories:

Electronics & Communication Engineering Lab

  1. Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory

  2. Microprocessors LAB

  3. PCB Laboratory

  4. Advance DSP LAB


  1. To provide a solid foundation in the electrical, electronics, telecommunications, along with navigation and radar.

  2. To develop the concepts of professional practices, innovation and enterprise.

  3. To train students for the dynamic and rapidly changing market for computing and information systems and products and get them subtle platform to execute their skills through proper channel.

  4. To provide a sound base from which to embark in life long learning and post graduate studies and research.


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